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Preventive maintenance by the experts at McKinney Garage Door Repair will ensure that you get the most out of your garage door and garage door opener. Research indicates that the average residential garage door opens and closes more than 1,500 times over the course of a year. If you use your garage door as the main access to your home, the continuous use will take its toll and cause certain components to fail. This is why regular maintenance is so important.

McKinney TX garage doors

Identify worn parts

Our technicians have the skills necessary to identify worn parts before they break and cause bigger problems. They will inspect the drums, cables, springs, door panels, pulleys and weather seals and note those components that need to be replaced. They will also tighten hinges, bolts, brackets and mounts to prevent breakage.

Multiple moving parts and friction

Friction produced by the multiple moving parts in a garage door and its opening system can cause premature failure. Proper lubrication of the springs, hinges, roller stems, steel rollers and bearings ensures smooth operation and eliminates the friction that causes damage. Our technicians know what type of lubrication is best for your garage door parts and how much is needed for optimal performance. Adding too much lubricant can clog the mechanism with debris and put strain on the components.

Maintenance specialists

Our maintenance service includes inspecting the door opener parts, including the motor. Our specialists will add lubricant to the chain, rear and front idler sprockets to eliminate any resistance in the system. If necessary, they will also adjust the belt or chain. Additional maintenance tasks include checking the down force pressure exerted by the door and testing all sensors and safety mechanisms to ensure they are in good working condition.

A garage door can become unbalanced

It is important for you to recognize the signs that your door and opener are in need of maintenance. A garage door can become unbalanced after continuous use and when this happens, it will fail to remain in the open position or will not move unless you apply excessive force. Balancing a garage door requires the expertise of a qualified technician and should not be attempted by an amateur. A trained professional can balance the door by making a spring adjustment. The extreme tension necessary for smooth operation makes replacing pulleys, rollers, cables, springs and other components dangerous without the proper tools and experience. Our garage door specialists can work on these parts safely and can fix small problems before they become big problems. This is the most effective way to avoid expensive repairs and premature replacement of parts.

Regular maintenance is important for your garage door's lifespan

You can protect your investment in your home's security by scheduling regular maintenance for your garage door and garage door opener. Doing so will save you the hassle of dealing with a complete failure and the need to spend hundreds of dollars on repairs. Keeping your garage door in good working condition is necessary to protect the safety of you and your loved ones. You can depend on the experts at McKinney Garage Door Repair for reliable maintenance at a competitive price.

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