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Most modern garage doors are equipped with an opener operated by remote control, and with good reason. The garage door is the largest and heaviest movable object in the average home and manual operation is inconvenient as well as potentially dangerous. When you need to repair or replace your garage door opener, the experts at McKinney Garage Door Repair can provide the assistance you need.

McKinney TX garage doors

The opener is only one component in the system

Having the ability to open and close the door from inside your car is safer than having to exit the car first, especially if you return home late at night. When the door is closed, it is impossible to open manually from the outside, which keeps intruders out and decreases the risk of theft. The garage door opener is technically a lift-assist device since the opener is only one component in the system that lifts the door. The counterbalance springs do most of the heavy lifting while the opener controls how far and how fast the door moves.

Chain drive garage door openers

When selecting a garage door opener, you can choose from various drive systems. The two most popular options are chain drive door openers and belt drive door openers. If noise is an issue, you should purchase a belt drive opener. This type of opener is more expensive but is less noisy and requires minimal maintenance because it uses fewer moving parts than other options.

Openers can become noisy

A chain drive opener can be noisy because instead of using a rubber belt, it has a metal chain running along the steel rail. Over time, the chain will loosen and make even more noise as it slaps against the rail. Preventive maintenance should include adjusting the chain to minimize noise and keep the motor from burning out.

LiftMaster and Genie

We stock quality garage door openers from the most popular manufacturers, including LiftMaster and Genie. Our experienced technicians can help you select an opener that suits your needs and fits your budget. An opener equipped with a motor that generates 1/3 horsepower will be sufficient for most residential doors measuring a maximum of 10 feet in width. A ' horsepower motor is a better option for an insulated steel or wood door. An opener with a ' horsepower motor may be necessary for garage doors that are extra wide. All the openers we install have the required safety features to protect property and prevent injuries. Sensors are able to detect an obstruction and reverse the door's movement to prevent it from crushing anything in its path. Doors are put into motion by pushing a button on a remote control unit or entering a numerical code on a keypad. Many remote control units now incorporate rolling code technology, which prevents anyone from stealing the code. A manual emergency release allows users to operate the door if the opener malfunctions. You can purchase an optional battery back-up unit that will allow the opener to operate even if the opener loses electrical power.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance will extend any garage door opener's life and keep other components of the operating system from failing. Call McKinney Garage Door Repair today to review your options for installation, repair and maintenance.

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