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The system that opens and closes a heavy garage door is a complicated one that consists of multiple moving and stationary parts. If a single part is worn or breaks, the entire system is thrown off balance and may render the door inoperable or unsafe. To protect your property and family, you should buy only quality garage door parts from McKinney Garage Door Repair.

McKinney TX garage doors

Garage door hinges

Sectional doors require multiple garage door hinges to work properly. The individual sections are joined together by heavy-duty 14-gauge hinges, which make it possible for them to pivot when the door is moving along its track. Hinges are also necessary to support the rollers. Replacing broken or worn hinges is a simple task for any qualified garage door technician.

Garage door tracks

Multiple rollers travel along the door tracks every time the door is opened or closed and may be made of nylon or steel. Steel rollers are stronger and capable of supporting more weight but they are also quite noisy. Rollers made of nylon are quiet and durable but also have the advantage of standing up to moisture without rusting or deteriorating. Our trained professionals are familiar with the different types and sizes of rollers available. They can select the right ones for your door when you need replacements.

McKinney Springs: Torsion or Extension

Counterbalance springs provide all the lifting power necessary to move a heavy garage door by winding and unwinding when the door is in motion. With the door in the closed position, the springs are under full tension and can cause severe injuries or property damage if they break. The door's weight and size dictate the weight and size of the springs needed for the system. Using the wrong size springs will cause the system to be unbalanced and put other components at risk of breaking.

Garage door drums

The drums, mounted at either end of the shaft running through the middle of the torsion springs are additional components that keep the door in balance. As they turn, they distribute or collect the cables. The majority of residential garage doors are equipped with standard-lift cable drums.

Garage Doors Cables

The violent recoil produced by a broken cable can cause damage to property or result in a serious injury. If you notice a frayed cable, you should call a technician immediately to have it replaced before it breaks and does harm to you, a loved one or your property.

Opener gears

Worn or broken garage door opener gears are common. Door opener gear kits contain everything needed to replace a broken gear, including a gear, lubricant, hardware, washers and a worm wheel.

Garage Door Tracks

Tracks keep the door in position as it moves by guiding the rollers. Tracks are different widths and lengths to accommodate different size doors. Track adjustments are common repairs when the door fails to move smoothly but a professional must replace a bent track to improve the door's performance.

Replacement parts

If you are in need of quality replacement parts that meet or exceed the highest safety and performance standards in the industry, call on the experts at McKinney Garage Door Repair.

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