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Most households use their garage door several times a day to gain access to the home. In addition to serving as a point of entry, the door provides security for vehicles and anything else kept in the garage. Strain on the system from daily use can cause certain components to wear out and break. When they do, McKinney Garage Door Repair experts can diagnose the problem and provide the repairs or replacement necessary to restore the system.

McKinney TX garage doors

Do you have a broken garage door?

A broken garage door that fails to close and lock properly leaves your vehicle and home vulnerable to vandalism or theft. Intruders can easily gain access to your home and valuables. A door that refuses to open may prevent you from removing your car when you need it most. It is easy for most people to take a garage door for granted until it fails to work properly.

Professionally trained technicians

Regardless of what goes wrong, our professionally trained technicians have everything they need to identify the problem and repair it correctly the first time. Our vast inventory of doors, openers and replacement parts allows them to provide an immediate solution and saves you the hassle of making another appointment.

Openers provide an additional layer of security

Door openers are standard equipment in most households allowing immediate access by pushing a button on a remote or entering a code on a keypad. Openers provide an additional layer of security because users do not have to get out of the car to enter the garage. This is especially important for individuals who return home late at night when they are most vulnerable to foul play. Openers also eliminate the risk of injury that can occur from opening and closing a door that can weigh up to several hundred pounds. Our technicians are familiar with garage door openers of all types and can replace chains, belts, gears and circuit boards. If the problem is with the remote, they can replace the box. They also have the knowledge necessary to test the safety sensors to ensure they are working properly to protect users from injury. If the opener is damaged beyond repair, they can install a new one quickly to minimize down time.

Lubricating all components reduces noise

A noisy door or opener is a common complaint. In some cases, lubricating the components or adjusting the door's balance will solve the problem. Providing preventive maintenance is an effective way to avoid many small problems and prolong the life of the entire system.

Same Day Service at McKinney

We understand the need to act quickly and our technicians can usually provide solutions within hours, not days. Our technicians carry all the tools they need on the truck and have easy access to replacement parts. Door replacements can be completed on the same day if you choose a door we have in stock.

Highest standards

An amateur technician may try to tempt you with cheap prices but you should be aware that you get what you pay for. Our qualified technicians perform all work to the highest standards and have what they need to do the job right. You can depend on McKinney Garage Door Repair anytime you need to install, repair or maintain your garage door and opener.

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