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Garage door springs provide the lifting power necessary to open and close the door. Because the garage door cycles approximately 1,500 times per year in the average household, McKinney Garage Door Repair technicians have extensive experience maintaining and replacing damaged or broken springs.

McKinney TX garage doors

Torsion or Extension Springs

The tension necessary to balance a heavy garage door makes working with springs a dangerous job. Individuals without experience should never attempt to replace broken springs because they are risking serious injury. The best thing to do is to hire a professional to take care of it for you.

The springs unwind or wind in great tension

Depending on your door's size, weight and age, it may have torsion or extension springs. Torsion springs are typically mounted in pairs above the door. There is a metal rod running through the springs. When the door is in motion, the springs unwind or wind as they apply torque to the rod. This balances the door and when a spring breaks, it renders the door inoperative.

2 Springs Doors = safer opening or closing of the garage door

A door with two springs is safer, especially when one spring breaks while the door is open. The second spring is usually strong enough to support the weight and hold the door in position. This prevents it from falling to the ground and crushing anything in its path. Our technicians, like all professionals, will suggest changing both springs even if only one breaks. Changing a single spring will put excess strain on it because it must compensate for the used spring attached to the opposite side. A door with one new spring and one used spring will not operate smoothly because it is unbalanced. Because the old spring is likely to break soon anyway, replacing both at the same time saves you from having to schedule a second service call.

Extension springs

If your door has extension springs, they will be mounted above the horizontal door track or on each side of the door opening. When the door moves, the springs expand and contract, tugging on the door cables. The springs are secured to a pulley with a pivot pin or a track tension adjusting bolt.

Springs come in a variety of sizes

Springs come in a variety of sizes and must be matched to the door's size and weight. Our technicians will inspect your system and choose the right springs for the job. Springs that are not the proper length and diameter will hinder the door's performance and cause damage to other parts.

Immediate replacement of a broken spring is required

A broken spring requires immediate replacement to prevent damage to other parts as well as the door opener. Replacing worn parts and making sure all the components are well lubricated may extend the life of door springs but eventually they will fail and need to be replaced.

Average of 10,000 cycles in spring's lifespan

While many garage door springs will perform 10,000 cycles, we use replacement springs that will last more than 30,000 cycles offering you the best value for your money. Do not risk a serious injury the next time you need to replace your garage door springs. Trust the professionals at McKinney Garage Door Repair to do the job right at a price you can afford.

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